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The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the European Institute for Development Studies is composed of young scientists, experts in the economic and social development of contemporary societies. We advocate for collegial decision-making process to ensure coherence of all the works carried out and disseminated by the European Institute for Development Studies.

Our values and ethics put forth our personal and professional best. We are driven by a shared passion for scientific research and teaching.

Dr Dorina ROSCA - President

Dorina holds a PhD, with the highest honour, in Socio-economy of the Development at the EHESS (School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, France). She was Research Fellow at CEMI-EHESS and is currently Associate Researcher at Ladyss, UMR 7533 CNRS. Since 2009, Dorina is teaching Economics and Sociology at various Parisian Universities.

Dorina's research is focused on the Central and South-East European countries, taking a broad interest in their economic, social and political development. She is particularly interested in the various forms of capitalism developed under the influence of migration, of the reciprocity as forms of economic integration (in Karl Polanyi's terms), etc. In 2019, Dorina published the book Le grand tournant de la société moldave: 'Intellectuels' et capital social dans la transformation post-socialiste, at Presses de l'INALCO, Paris.

She is fluent in four languages: English, French, Romanian, Russian. (CV)

Dr Olga KARASSEVA - Vice-President and Treasurer

Graduate economist and engineer, holding a PhD in Economics from the EHESS (School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, Paris, France), Master of ESSEC (Strategy and Management of International Business), with valuable 15 years’ experience in scientific research, consulting, and management of the economic projects,  acquired through several missions in Russia, Sweden, France, and Africa, at the international and national governmental organisations and private consulting companies (projects relevant to capacity building, knowledge and technology transfer). Professor of economics since 2003, currently working at the Institute of Scientific Economics and Management in Paris. Her researches are focused on topics such as international cooperation, partnerships, transition economies, Institutional economies, International trade and FDI. (CV)

Dr Anna DE MONTFORT - Project Manager in Japan

Anna holds her PhD degree in Economics at the EHESS (School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, France). The topic of her PhD thesis was “The development problems of small and medium-sized enterprises in Russia from 1990 to 2012”. For four years from 2012 to 2016, she worked as a consultant in Franco / Russian economic forecasts in Paris. Currently, she is in charge of the project in Japan for IEED.

Anna is interested in Economics and Political Science. In her researches, she focuses on the development problems of small and medium-sized enterprises and their impact on the innovation process. Anna's particular interest is the interaction of different economic actors (local authorities, large companies, clusters) within innovation dynamics.

Associate Members


Olga is Associate Professor at the Department of Economy and Management of Enterprises and Industrial Complexes at St. Petersburg State University of Economics (Russia), and she is Director on Relations with Universities at the Russian Business Ethics Network. She holds her PhD degree in Management of the same University. Olga's research fields are Management, Economy of Enterprises, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Stakeholder-Management, Japanese Management, as well as Project Management. Since 2011, Olga has significant Japanese experience researching CSR and stakeholders relations of business in Japan. Her particular interest is the development of Russian business due to the professional associations' influence on the market quality. 


Marian received his PhD in Sociology from The University of Bucharest in 2012. He has several years of experience with qualitative research and strategic consulting. In 2007 he joined Gallup Romania and Quality of Life Research Institute - Romanian Academy. He also worked as a consultant with international organizations (UNDP Romania, UNICEF Romania, ILO) or non-governmental organizations (Civil Society Development Foundation, Save the Children, Soros Foundation). Marian has experience designing qualitative research projects covering a variety of themes: international migration and transnationalism, children and youth, human rights, education, ethnic minorities. He participated in several assessment missions, including analysis of the impact of affirmative measures for Roma in educational institutions, mapping of adolescents and youth-friendly services, policy analysis for regulating immigration in Romania and projects and programs for young people over 18 leaving the child protection system.


Holding a PhD in Sociology and Master Diploma in Advanced Research Methods at the University of Bucharest, Iulia has been designing, managing and delivering research projects for more than 15 years - both in academic and commercial environments, in Romania and the UK. Her expertise covers a wide range of topics (social and political research, brand strategy, customer segmentation and loyalty, digital/ user experience) and methodologies (online communities, ethnography, qualitative and quantitative adhoc/tracking studies, immersive workshops or hybrid approaches). Currently involved in UX research in the travel industry, her previous assignments include positions such as Research Director for Join the Dots UK, Executive Director of Kantar TNS Romania or various consultancy roles for GfK, Synovate/ Ipsos or KBC Consumer Finance. Besides her commercial roles, she has also been actively involved in various educational programmes for young researchers or training sessions covering a variety of themes.



Maxime is a doctoral student in Economics at the EHESS (School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, Paris, France). In his thesis, which he will defend in 2020, he attempts to renew the theory of money and finance within the conceptual framework of double-entry accounting. Maxim points out that the invention of this technique, in the 14th century in Italy, had a significant influence on the rise of capitalism. His experience as accounting officer at the Théodore de Banville lyceum from Moulins, Allier region, allows him to interconnect the real professional accounting, which he has been practising since 2009 in his various positions, with economic theory. Member of CEMI at EHESS, he is also interested in Statistics, Econometrics, Applied Finance, and other research fields related to Economics. His high interest in other fields of social sciences led him, for example, to share pre-print statistical publications during the Covid-19 crisis on research platforms such as SSRN or medRxiv.


Holding a PhD in Politics from the University of Sheffield (UK), Alexandre also was Visiting Scholar at Cambridge University (UK), in 2015. He currently is a lecturer at the School of Government and Public Administration – Fundação João Pinheiro (Brasil). Previously, Alexandre was part of the João Pinheiro Foundation (Brasil) research team for 20 years and lecturer in the Department of Economics of both Universidade Federal de Uberlândia and Pontifícia Universidade Católica - MG (Brasil). He is particularly focused on teaching and research themes such as Development studies, Economic history, Political economy, Employment policies and local development.

Dr Georgiana TURCULET

Georgiana holds a PhD from the Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations of Central European University (CEU). During the completion of her doctoral thesis, titled ‘Movement as an Essential Interest. A case for Just Borders’, scholars at CEU, together with scholars in other local academic institutions, faced an unprecedented level of authoritarianism in Budapest, prompting the university to became the first university in asylum in contemporary Europe – CEU is currently located in Vienna (Austria) and New York (USA). During her doctoral program, Georgiana had been awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship which has led her to spend one year at Koc University in Istanbul (Turkey), conducting research on the ‘Syrian refugee crisis’. Georgiana was also an Erasmus student at the Pantheon-Sorbonne University (France), a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University (USA), a Visiting Academic at New York University (USA), a Global Teaching Fellow at Babes Bolyai University (UBB), in Cluj (Romania). She held, at last, a Post Doctoral research position at Copenhagen University (Denmark). Finally, Georgiana is the founder of the Experimental Philosophy Lab in Christiania. 

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